• International Confederation

    Society of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul

    30 million poor people served in the world

  • International Confederation

    Society of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul

    "I would like to embrace the World in a network of charity"

A international implantation

Since its foundation in Paris in 1833 by a small group of students led by Frederic Ozanam, the Society has expanded quickly across Europe and beyond the continent. From a handful of students, it increased to one hundred members in a few months, and the first conferences were created in other main cities in France. In the years followings , the Society developed rapidly in Europe and worldwide. In 1853, year of the death of Frederic Ozanam, the SVP was present in 29 countries.

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Key figures of the SVP

In 2017, the Society has 145 Vincentians branches in 135 countries and the number of members is estimated at 800,000:

  • Europe: 23 countries
  • Asia: 27 countries
  • America: 35 countries
  • Oceania : 10 countries
  • Africa: 40 countries
  • Brazil alone has 18,000 conferences and 250,000 members

30 million poor helped by day in the world

The current implantation of the Society reflects its important work in poor countries.

  • To 16.7% in countries where at least 50% of the national population lives below the poverty line (CIA World Factbook Sources updated in 2012).
  • To 48.6% in countries where per capita income (or GDP per capita) ranges from less than $ 1 025 and 4 035 USD per year. (As an indication of the global average GDP per capita stands at $ 8 300 per year).

In 2016, 438 new Conferences were officially aggregated by the General Council of the International Confederation.