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  • International Confederation

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Focus on... SSVP in Mongolia

Mongolia is one of the latest country where the Society set up recently.  The Mongolian SSVP was created in Ulaanbaatar in 2005 by a group of Catholic lay people from South Korea.

ssvp mongolia

Mrs. Kwon Helena, a Korean Resident in Mongolia and some visitors from SSVP Korea including Mr. Anthony, Ms. Maria and others who joined together to create the Conference according to the recommendations by Mr. Im, In-Chul, President of Suwon Diocean Council of SSVP Korea. Mr. Anthony, Exchange Professor Mongolia National University and Mrs. Helena translated prayers and manual of SSVP Korea into Mongolian from the end of 2005. Many Korean Vincentians have visited Mongolia to give guidelines on Conference Meeting Essentials and home visit.

At the end of her term, on April 26, 2011, the first President Mrs. Helena Kwon, encouraged Mongolians to select the next president of the Conference. By the way, the new leadership was choosen amoung Mongolians people, and Koreans became donor members & associate members.

Nowadays, the Mongolian SSVP has 11 members. All members are Mongolian. Frequency of Conference Meeting is every Friday of week.

Board :

  • Spiritual Advisor: Fr.Hur Woong, Francisco
  • President: Bayraa (February 3, 2012 ~ Present)
  • Secretary: Badamkhand Bernadette (December 9, 2012 ~ Present)
  • Treasurer: Oyunbolor Anna ( October 25, 2008 ~ Present)

Major activities :

classe SSVP mongolia

  • Lunch Service for study Group: a lunch is served for study group from Monday to Friday. Most of students are poor family’s children so they come to the center after school every day. Volunteers help them to do homework and study new things.
  • Meal Service at Landfill: Mongolia is developing country but there are so many poor people who living and working at the Landfill so SSVP’s members serve meal at the Landfill every Saturday of week. They also pray with people and share about their life.
  • Home visiting: they visit poor families once or twice a month. Most of families are female head of a household. They pray for them and also help them by food materials
  • service repas SSVP mongolie

    Prison visiting: visit sick people in prison once a month and special holidays.
  • English, Korean class: We teach English, Korean and other interesting things for children every Saturday. Children go to church after classes.
  • Transportation money: There are many children who can’t go to school because the cost of transportation is expensive so SSVP help them for transportation money once a week.


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