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"Blue Whale" game, a danger to children and teenagers around the world

03 May 2017 CGI news Communiqués

"Blue Whale" game, a danger to children and teenagers  around the world

The International Vice President for the Youth, Teenagers  and Children of the International Confederation of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Bro. Willian Alves, express that the "Blue Whale" game is a great danger to the children and teenagers  around the world. Below is an excerpt from his message:

"This is a great concern of the people and I would like to invite Vincentians to be alert, raise awareness for responsible education of young people, teenagers  and children within their family, in schools, communities, etc. I encourage everyone to get as much information as possible about the "Blue Whale challenge” that targets children and teenagers.

*Entitled "Blue Whale challenge", the game is a kind of task list, which requires users to perform 50 challenges; one per day. Among those mentioned in the list are physically and psychologically damaging concerns, such as "piercing hand", "waking up at 4:20 a.m. in the morning and watching a horror movie", "drawing a whale on the leg using a razor blade”, "not talking to anyone for one day", "climbing to the top of a building and swinging the legs from there", etc. The last challenge and the ultimate task is suicide, which would allow the player to become "highly developed" and "free" from worldly concerns as the game's symbol, a blue whale. This challenge had become a “shadowy online phenomenon”.

It is up to us Christians, specifically Vincentians, to support and defend life in all its stages. This game has a clear goal: to promote the practice of suicide among children and teenagers. Suicide is a real issue in our world, and the children who fall victim to this game are lied to and led in fear that someone will come after them or their family if they don’t follow the rules.

I ask that this topic to be discussed and be handled with great caution and sense of responsibility so that we can alert young people, teenagers  and children about the risks of this game and the likes. We can unite with the parents and leaders, civil society, teachers, catechists, psychologists, priests, public authorities and all men and women of good will to protect the children and teenagers against the dangers that surround them. May this statement and protection also reach the poorest children and adolescents, assisted daily by our Society.

Imploring God’s protection and blessings to everyone, through the intercession of Blessed Frederic Ozanam and Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, so that our youth, teenagers  and children may be respected, guided, protected, and live their childhood, youth, and teenage years in a healthy, life-giving way.

In friendship and in our spirituality, may we live joyously the Year of Bailly.

"As friends, we are Vincentian youth and children, helping to build the great network of charity"

William Alves
International Vice President for Youth Teenager and Children
International General Council