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CIAD : new guidelines

10 February 2017 CGI news CIAD Decision overview

CIAD : new guidelines

The International President, the president and coordinator of the CIAD presented to the new members of the commission, the new guidelines, methods of work and vision. 

A new commission and guidelines

The members will no longer be ‘Correspondents’ as in the past, the Commission will rather be a Consultant group in charge of approving or rejecting the projects, even though the members will keep a closer eye on the countries they come from or they are experts on:

These members are :

  • Bertrand Ousset (France), former National President of France, Chairman.
  • Renato Lima de Oliveira (Brazil), 16th President General.
  • Thomas Joseph Pandian (Indian), General Vice President, former ITVP for Asia.
  • Larry Tuomey (Ireland), Treasurer General, former VinPaz Member.
  • Pius Ehiagwina (Nigeria), former ITVP for Africa, will be more specifically in charge of African projects – he will be more specifically in charge of projects from Africa.
  • John Lee (Hong-Kong), former Vice President General for Structure, and former ITVP Asia – he will be more specifically in charge of projects from Asia.
  • Ulrike Mattfeldt (Germany), Coordinator for Europe II and correspondent for Eastern Europe countries in former CIAD – she will be more specifically in charge of projects in Europe.
  • Rose McGowan (Ireland); National twining officer for SSVP Ireland, and correspondent with English Speaking African country in former CIAD – responsible for Africa, together and in partnership with bro. Pius.
  • Eduardo Tsukamoto (Brazil)  – responsible for Latin America and Portuguese speaking countries.
  • Terry Wilson (USA), former Strategic Planning officer for CGI – responsible for North America and Caribbean.
  • Bruno Fabre (France), CGI staff member and CIAD Coordinator. 

As a first important change, according to President General’s vision and strategy, CIAD’s scope of work is widened; whereas it keeps its historical responsibilities on “Aid” and “Development”, two additional fundamental areas of responsibility are added on : 

  • The structuration of weak National Councils to strengthen SSVP’s position and efficiency in countries where it is a challenge due to lack of material means, proper organization or formation.
  • The expansion of SSVP in the countries where it is not present: this is part of President General Renato Lima’s ‘electoral promises’, as more than 60 countries of the world still do not have SSVP Conferences.

Emergencies : 

Several emergency programs have been financed by the CIAD, Tanzania (earthquake), Sudan (flooding), Haiti (hurricane Matthew) etc... 


CIAD had approved in March a € 33,000 reconstruction and water system rehabilitation project in two phases in Burundi. The reconstruction programme of SSVP Nepal after the earthquake of 2015, in collaboration with Caritas as stipulated by the government, has been delayed for administrative and legal reasons, but has finally been able to kick-start in early November

Contact : Bruno Fabre : cgi.ciad@ssvpglobal.org