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Circular Letter of the 16th President General

30 January 2018 CGI news Renato Lima de Oliveira

Circular Letter of  the 16th President General

We are very much pleased to present to you the Annual Circular Letter of Bro. Renato Lima de Oliveira, the 16th President General of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.

The publication of the Circular Letter is a tradition in the SSVP, which allows the President General to communicate directly with Vincentians around the world. The first letter was written in July 1841 by Bro. Emmanuel Bailly, the first President General of the SSVP. This has been interrupted for a few years and was revived in 2017 by Bro. Renato. Moreover, it is now available in 3 additional languages: Arabic, Italian and Chinese.

The circular letter of the year 2018 includes 5 parts:
- Introduction
- Works of the International Council General
- Recommendations to the Vincentians around the world
- Launching of the International Thematic Year of François Lallier - 2018
- Conclusion

The International Council General requests all Superior/National Councils to disseminate the Letter to all Councils, Conferences and Special works in their localities and also to the other branches of the Vincentian Family.

> Download the letter > CIRCULAR LETTER 2018 - English (pdf, 288.54 Ko)

Comments and suggestions on this Circular Letter may be sent by email to: cgi.circularletter@gmail.com.

Other versions:

Italian > CARTA CIRCULAR 2018 - Italian (pdf, 80.55 Ko)

Arabic > 16e President circulaire 2018 Arabe (pdf, 7.92 Mo)