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Council General announces its activities' report for 2017

15 January 2018 CGI news Communiqués

Council General announces its activities' report for 2017

We are pleased to announce a summary of the activities carried out by the General General Council, led by the confrere Renato Lima de Oliveira (16th General President), with the support of a competent board and staff. We ask that this document be sent to all the National Councils or Superiors, asking them to please kindly spread it in their countries, coming to the Conferences. Good reading!

Activity Report – 2017

Main Achievements of the International General Council

January 2018


• Meetings of the Board: 4 (in February, June, September and December), in Paris.

• Major international events:

ü  6th Latin-American Meeting of the SSVP (29 countries were present), in Quito (Ecuador).

ü  2nd Summit of Portuguese speaking Vincentian countries (with the presence of 6 countries), in Río de Janeiro (Brazil).

 • Creation of commissions for specific purposes (example: rules of using crowdfunding for the Conferences).

• Launch of the President General’s Circular-Letter on 31st January, in seven languages.

• The extended annual meeting of the General Council (Permanent Section and Executive Committee) took place in Paris, last month of June, live broadcast through Ozanam TV.

• Effective action in the field of the Vincentian Family: symposium in Rome (October) and participation in the meetings of the various commissions.

• Active participation of the SSVP in the forums of the United Nations (Paris, New York and Geneva).

• The President General has made missionary journeys to 16 countries: Unites States, Portugal, Spain, Italy, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Brazil, Canada, Panama, Ecuador, the Netherlands and Belgium.

• Setting up an office in Brasilia to support the General Council.

• Promotion of the 2017 International Thematic Year of Emmanuel Bailly, with the launch of a literary contest of dissertations ("the First Conference") and visit to Bailly’s tomb.

• Meetings with the Pope Francis: in March and October (when the Supreme Pontiff was provided with information on the work of the SSVP in China and with a dossier about Ozanam’s canonization).

• Redefinition of the mission, vision and values of the SSVP, in addition to setting the 10 points of the Strategic Plan.

• Quarterly newsletter ‘Ozanam Network’: 4 editions.

• Publication of weekly spiritual readings in the website of the Council (www.ssvpglobal.org).

• Launching of the Project "Praying in Unity 10-20-30" (Vincentian Byzantine Rosary).

• Launch of new books on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the beatification of F. Ozanam: “Frederic Ozanam, Professor at the Sorbonne: his life and works”, translated into Spanish and written by Kathleen O'Meara in 1876.  "Passionate for charity and justice", "Frederic Ozanam and the Rerum Novarum" In Portuguese and Spanish, and the “Collection of Anecdotes of Frederic Ozanam “, under the sponsorship of the Superior Council of Spain.

• Launch of the video "Vincentian Places in Paris", with the sponsorship of the Superior Council of Spain.

• Recording of the 2017 Christmas Message in five languages.

• Celebration of the 20th anniversary of Ozanam’s beatification, with a Mass at the Church Saint Joseph of the Carmelites in Paris, live broadcast through internet.

• Development of the first stage of the Project “Re-aggregation of the Conferences” for the following countries: Poland, Malta, Bolivia, Guyana, Malawi, Ivory Coast, Nepal, Taiwan, Fiji and Samoa.

• Creation of the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE SSVP YOUTH (4th July each year).

• Launch of the "Charity in hope" Medal (to be granted from 2018).

• Consolidation of the General Ombudswoman’s work, having addressed 70 cases, of which 95% were settled in up to 90 days.

• "SSVP Plus" Project: The new countries that joined the SSVP were Albania and Liberia.

• Collective repatriation insurance for the members working in the International Structure of our Society: Territorial Vice-Presidents and Zone Coordinators-

• The CIAD distributed 904 thousand euros (International Commission for Help and Development) for projects to expand the SSVP, Systemic Change, strengthening National Councils and natural disasters, through the International Solidarity Fund (FIS).

• Letters sent: 60.


Renato Lima de Oliveira

16th President General