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Historic Meeting of the Vincentian Family’s Commissions in Roma - Italy

02 February 2017 CGI news Vincentian Family

Historic Meeting of the Vincentian Family’s Commissions in Roma - Italy

On an initiative of Joe Agostino C.M. (the Vincentian Family Office Coordinator) and Aidan Rooney CM (Coordinator of .famvin, the web and social media services of the Family), the 35 members of the various Famvin’s commissions gathered in Roma for a 3 days meeting : from 19th to 22th January.

The two organizers of the meeting said it was “in fact the first time that the four committees met” to promote mutual understanding, coordination and to value each other."

The 4 commissions are the followings:

  • .famvin (web and social media services)
  • The Commission for the Promotion of Systemic Change
  • the Commission for the Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative
  • The Vincentian Collaboration Commission

Our sister Ada Ferreira (Brazil), attending the meeting as a member of the Vincentian Collaboration Commission, reports:

“All the members of the commission spent the first day getting to know each other through a social dinner. On the second day, the business meeting began with an inspirational message from the Superior General of the Vincentians, Rev. Fr. Tomaz Marvic, CM.  He began with a short history of the Vincentian charism leading to the importance of continuing the shared charism through collaboration. He said that our mission must be like a movement for Jesus, the Way; as with this, what we do will be more lasting and efficient.  He also said that we must be flexible, open to working together in a common direction and vision.  
Learning from him, I must say that the celebration of the four hundred years is a gift we should use as an opportunity to affirm and value the basis of our charism and thus, to be always on fire in the mission.  Fr. Tomaz suggested a plan for the anniversary: our continuing mission for the homeless (without shelter, living in sub-standards dwellings, refugees), pilgrimage of the heart of St. Vincent in Europe, Film festival for St. Vincent, and Symposium in Rome in October 2017.

Each commission presented their work:

For Famvin, Fr. Aidan Rooney, CM explained the role of communication, utilizing the website, social media to inform and educate people.

The Systemic change provided a history of the formations in different countries for different national councils.  These workshops are made to educate the people on how to get themselves out of poverty.
The works of the VFHI was presented by Ms. Regine Theodat, the National Coordinator of Project. She reported of the status of the schools as being monitored and also, the use of fish farm for economic development.
The VF Collaboration commission explained their trainings with the different members of the family to work together to become more effective.

Ms. Joe Agostino talked about the Vincentian Family Office responsibilities.
Saturday, the third day, was an opportunity for the members to clarify and ask questions to understand the roles of the various commissions and their impact to the world. This meeting was very helpful in offering greater clarity about the relationships among the VFEC, VFO, and the commissions.  This helped in establishing relationships among the participants. The presentations on the 400th anniversary in the context of a "movement" created much spirit of enthusiasm. Saturday afternoon and Sunday were spent for meetings of the commissions with their own members to discuss their own agenda.”

2 other SSVP’s brothers attended the meeting:

  • Eugene Smith (USA) – member of the Commission for the Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative
  • Jim Claffey (USA) – member of the Commission for the Promotion of Systemic Change.