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SSVP International Youth Day

27 June 2017 CGI news Communiqués

SSVP International Youth Day

Since it was created, the SSVP has had the presence of young people; in fact, it was created by young people.

The SSVP is an opportunity for young Catholics to achieve holiness through the Vincentian Charisma, following the steps of St. Vincent de Paul and Blessed Frederic Ozanam and his colleagues.

Therefore, it is very important to have an international day to celebrate the presence of Youth in our organization and remind us of the original spirit in which Ozanam and his colleagues, inspired by the Holy Spirit, began the work to restore the dignity of the poor.

The Vincentian Youth should have a special space in our Councils, Conferences, they should be heard and have the right to speak, expose their opinions, dreams and desires. The SSVP should keep in its whole structure the spirit of joviality, creativity, boldness and availability, which are strong characteristics of young people.

About the 4th of July

The 4th of July is the liturgical day of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati. He was a young Vincentian who actively experienced the Vincentian Charisma in Turin. The poor people always had a significant place in Frassati’s life, from his childhood to youth. Pope John Paul II, at the beatification mass, highlighted Pier Giorgio Frassati as the young man of the Beatitudes and considered him as a model for the young people who love Jesus Christ and the poor.

Then, we have chosen the 4th of July to honour Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati and we have decided to call him the Patron of the Youth and Children of the SSVP. May we, young people, see in the life and works of Frassati a model of holiness to follow, and realize that it is possible to actively experience the youth and at the same time actively experience the Vincentian Charisma.

Frassati used to say: “I give back the gift of life to God, serving the poor and having good friends.” All young Vincentians should follow this idea, that is, serve the poor, experience the Vincentian Charisma, and have friends.

Proposed activities to celebrate the 4th of July

All SSVP Councils, all Youth Conferences and Commissions are invited to organize activities to celebrate this day. We propose some activities below, which can be held on the 4th of July or the week that includes this date (end of week, before or after).

  •       A party to promote the integration of youth and other Vincentians.
  •       Dissemination of the SSVP and the presence of the Youth in the SSVP.
  •       A day dedicated to praying with the Youth; the rosary or a special prayer may be used for the Youth of the SSVP.
  •       A meeting to discuss the reality of the young people, spirituality and the role/importance of young people for the SSVP.
  •       Games among young people (sports, leisure, tours).
  •       Dissemination of the SSVP on social media, highlighting the presence of young people.
  •       SSVP recruitment of young people (at churches, parishes, and communities).
  •       A mass to celebrate the presence of Youth in the SSVP.

Let’s be creative and inventive, the important thing is to have a well remembered and celebrated 4th of July and the week that includes this date with all the Brothers and Sisters around the world, and especially the Youth and the Children.

Share how the 4th of July was celebrated in your location. Send pictures and tell us how the SSVP International Youth Day was celebrated in your location.

You can send an e-mail to the International Vice President for the Youth, Children and Teenagers: cgi.ivp-youth@ssvpglobal.org. You can also send pictures and information to our official pages on social media:


Willian Alves

International Vice President for the Youth, Children and Teenagers