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National Congress of the SSVP in Lebanon

07 December 2016 National Councils news

National Congress of the SSVP in Lebanon

“Leave your comfortable homes and visit the margins”

On 12 November, the National Council of the SSVP in Lebanon opened with the words of the Apostolic Nuncio, Monsignor Gabriele Caccia, followed by the SSVP National Chaplain, Father Ziad Haddad who highlighted the Vincentian charism, which will celebrate its 400th anniversary in 2017 (1617-2017). 

Ella Bitar, president of the National Council of Lebanon took the floor to speak about Christian commitment, respect for the statutes of the SSVP, about solidarity, communications and Vincentians belonging to the SSVP family. She provided a quick, verbal report for information about the International General Assembly which took place in Rome in June 2016, and introduced the newly-elected International President to all the members.

Workshops on the universal training modules

Five workshops were held, and the participants were encouraged to discuss the following main topics:

-        History and Origins of the SSVP (led by Louis Baaklini, SSVP coordinator for Beirut)

-        Vincentian spirituality (led by Paul Kallassi, national treasurer)

-        Vincentian solidarity (led by Elie Khoury, coordinator for SSVP North Matn)

-        Systemic change (led by Antoine Wehbi, coordinator for SSVP South Lebanon)

-        Conference life (led by Naji Kaddoum, financial adviser to the National Council of Lebanon)

These workshops were followed by a final plenary session, led by Mr Paul Kallassi on the resolutions of the previous congresses.

Emmanuel Bailly prize awarded to Elie Khoury 

During the evening of the Congress, Ella Bitar thanked the youth committee for 2016 and their president Bachir Aoun for their commitment, perseverance and exemplary spirituality. The National Council of Lebanon appointed Said Safar as the new Youth President for 2017. Bachir reported on the activities for the previous year 2016, and Said his programme planned for 2017.

Finally, after receiving the founders’ prize from the International Council General last September, Elie Khouri was awarded the Emmanuel Bailly prize. Elie Khouri’s listening skills and ability to motivate young people have enabled the formation of a dynamic, committed core group.   

More information: https://www.stvincent-lb.org/vincent/