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Nepal : a second phase of visits and training programs to boost new conferences

20 April 2015 National Councils news

Nepal : a second phase of visits and training programs to boost new conferences

The Society formed its first conference in Nepal in 2010. Since the beginning, Nepal is twinned to Malaysia. First visits and reports highlighted the growing interest of Nepalese people in the work of SVP, and the important needs in formation, as conferences started across the country. With the active support of Malaysian National Council, Vincentians volunteers had the opportunity to attend a formation and training program in March 2015.

Report By Gabriel Mondal (Coordinator – West Asia)

Bro. Joseph Pandian and myself Gabriel Mondal, visited Nepal from 14 - 25 March 2015 for formation and training program at Godawari, Kathmandu and Damok, East Nepal. I arrived in Nepal on 14 March 2015 for the preparation of the program. I visited Godawari, Assumption & Banayater. I met with Bro. Gregory and Bro. Clerence at Katmandu and started preparation of the training session.

Bro. Joseph Pandian & Sr. Loo Elizabeth reached Nepal on 16/03/2015. On 17/03/2015, we had a meeting with the old and new Bishops. The current Bishop promised to provide as much support as possible to SSVP in Nepal. He willingly wanted to offer Mass for the training participants at Godawari.

We also met with the Retired Bishop Shorma. We thanked him for his tremendous support for the Society from the beginning.

Godawari session on 18th and 19th March 2015:

About 35 participants from 5 conferences were present in the formation and training program at central Nepal. The conferences were Pokhara, Narayan Ghat, Babayater, Assumption Church, & Godawari. There were about 7 participants from each conference. The session started with a mass offered by the Bishop of Nepal.

Sr. Loo Elizabeth from Malaysia was present with Bro. Clerence and Bro. Joseph who conducted main training program.

The main topics covenred were: foundation of the conference, twinning, aggregation, spirituality, Structure of the Society, Society history, Blessed Fredric Ozanam, etc.

On 20th March we went to East Nepal for another session.

East Nepal program:

We conducted another formation and training program at Damok Catholic Church Hall on 21 & 22 March 2015. About 40 Members from 6 conferences were present in the formation program from East Nepal. In this area, people are very underprivileged but their faith and spirituality are very strong. In Damok, we also discussed the same topics as we did in Kathmandu.

Bro. Clerence was the main speaker in this formation program. The sessions were conducted in Nepalese Language. Bro. Clerence prepared and presented Power Point along with Bro. Joseph  and Sr. Loo took part & shared her opinions. The program at east Nepal was quite successful. Participation among the Vincentians of east Nepal was great. All Priests offered a lot of support for the program.

We visited Dharan St. Don Bosco Conference and had a meeting with Conference Members & Fr. George at Dharan. Upon discussion, we solved the problem between conference members and the Priest on 24th March. We also had meeting with Fr. George at Biratnagor.

Future Plan:

One (TOT) training of trainers program will be arranged at Kolkata-India in July 2015 with 20-25 participants from every conference from Nepal with the support of Indian National Council & Malaysian National Council. 5 more conferences will be formed with the support of priests in east Nepal within a short time. Very soon, one new conference will be formed at Biratnagor and 4 more conferences will start at east Nepal.


The formation training programs were very much successful in Nepal.  The entire program was sponsored by the Malaysian National Council. We would like to thank them for their interest and cooperation.