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    "I would like to embrace the World in a network of charity"

Renato Lima de Oliveira, President General

Renato Lima de Oliveira

From now on, Renato Lima de Oliveira is the XVI International President of the Society of St Vincent de Paul. Succeeding Dr. Michael Thio, in office since 2010, he heads one of the largest charitable Catholic organizations in the world.

During his inauguration speech, he said: "All those present here, have a dream, or many dreams for the SSVP. Let's dream together! Let us have faith that our dreams come true. Enough to believe and to want. There is still much to do, so within the General Council and in our Superior Councils.
The challenges are enormous. Service to the poor, sustained by faith, hope and charity, which promotes the encounter with the "incarnate Christ" in the figure of the poor as Ozanam thought, depends on us! Let us continue together on the path of services and initiatives that can provide more velocity and efficiency to our Councils and Conferences! "
Renato joined the SSVP in 1986 (Conference Santo Tomás de Aquino, Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil). Since 2008 he was the Territorial Vice-President of zone America 3 (comprising the countries of South America). He also represented the CGI within the Commision of Collaboration of the Vincentian Family from 2013 to now. He is journalist by profession, holds a Masters in Political Science, and is also a government officer in the service of the National Telecommunications Agency. Apart from these activities, he wrote books, including the "Vincentian Chronicles",  which the fourth volume was published in 2015 (Read : Literature: a member of the General Council launches a new book of spiritual readings ).

> Download the Curriculum Vitae : CV Renato Lima de Oiliveira (pdf, 55.97 Ko)
His 20-points program stands out with a commitment to restructuring and strengthening existing internal and external strategies. Note for example the creation of a general ombudsman office to receive criticism, suggestions and comments on the progress of work within the General Council, strengthening the role of zone coordinators, development of partnerships with other organizations such as Médecins du Monde or the Red Cross, to improve the efficiency of the Vincentian action in the event of natural disasters and tragedies.

> Read : the full programme (English) (pdf, 71.70 Ko)

> Circular letter - January 2017 :Lettre circulaire ENG (pdf, 92.43 Ko)

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