• International Confederation

    Society of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul

    30 million poor people served in the world

  • International Confederation

    Society of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul

    "I would like to embrace the World in a network of charity"

The tools box

The documents listed below are available for free download. They are intended for visitors who want to learn more about the Society, as well as for members in need of documentation as part of their Vincentian action.

Guides, information booklets

International Rule
Download > International rule (pdf, 1.64 Mo)

New or Changed Statutes Approved at the General Assembly
Download > Statues June 2016 (pdf, 437.55 Ko)

Twinnings Manual
Download > Twinning manual 2015 (pdf, 422.62 Ko)

Manual : the "Conference"
Download >the conference (pdf, 248.22 Ko)

The Vincentian Pledge
Download > Vincentian pledge (pdf, 314.82 Ko)


Request for Conference 's Aggregation
Download > Aggregation request form (pdf, 140.10 Ko) > Explanatory Notice (pdf, 135.23 Ko)


Form for submission
Download > Complain to Ombudsman (pdf, 78.23 Ko)