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Creation of a Cyber Café Ozanam

  • Council / Country : French speaking Cameroon
  • Holder organisation : French speaking regional Council of Cameroon
  • Field of work : Education
  • Budget : 8 550 euros
  • Year commenced : 2013
  • Beneficiaries : Young people
Creation of a Cyber Café Ozanam

First initiative chosen by the Vicentian Youth of Cameroon, this Cybercafé is a Project located in the heart of the city of Douala where the presidency of the French speaking Regional Council of Cameroon is located.

Administrative centre of the coastline region, Douala has more than 2.5 million inhabitants. Young people make up 60% of the population and they are the first hit by unemployment. Unemployment affects 80% of the population.  Young graduated school leavers take on occupations such as: Motobike taximen, call boxin, etc. This instability sometimes leads them into a life of crime. Young Vincentians from the area are fighting against this situation by trying to give the youth back their dignity. They want to not only create a friendly place and a point of encounter but also an information point for young people.

The start-up equipment includes an Internet connexion, 2 computers (of which one will be a laptop), 2 printers, a photocopier. The front desk and centre management will be covered by hiring two young Vincentians. The cybercafé, inaugurated in September 2013, could be profitable in its first year of operation.