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Pencil Project - collecting second hand school supplies

  • Council / Country : Each year one different country
  • Holder organisation : Youth conference "the archangels"
  • Field of work : Education
  • Budget : miscellaneous
  • Year commenced : 2008
  • Beneficiaries : school children and students
Pencil Project - collecting second hand school supplies

For the last five years, the Archangels youth conference in Ontario (Canada) has been carrying out a marvellous project: collecting school material to donate to deprived students in developing countries.

Each year a new destination is selected, and a large collection is organized in some Ontario schools participating in the operation. Schoolchildren are invited to donate second hand school supplies such as pencils, pens, erasers, binders, paper, sportswear, clothing, toys. Collect is then assembled, sorted and packed by Vincentian volunteers who are also involved in loading the package in a container bound for that country. The shipping costs are supported by the CIAD (Commission for International Aid and Development), which supports the project. The container is received by the team and volunteers of the recipient National Council who are responsible for distributing supplies to students in their communities.

This initiative has enjoyed growing success and helps raising children consciousness about difficulties in accessing to education in poor countries

The latest collect gathered 2.5 tons of school supplies that were sent to the Dominican Republic.