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Self-funding project for SSVP Bukavu

  • Council / Country : Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Holder organisation : SSVP Bukavu Diocesan Council
  • Field of work : General
  • Budget : 24,590 euros of which 19,892 euros from CIAD
  • Year commenced : 2011
  • Beneficiaries : Population of Bukavu region
Self-funding project for SSVP Bukavu

This project by the SSVP Bukavu Diocesan Council is a huge programme begun in 2011 with the aim of creating income-generating work in order to help the beneficiaries break the cycle of poverty. It consists of three sub-projects that are self-funding.

1) Installation of two flour mills

This is a manioc-producing region, and the aim of this project is to allow the deprived people living here to grind their own produce using the mills, then sell the flour in order to make a living.  This project has been eagerly taken up and the beneficiaries have now formed an “agricultural products transformation cooperative”.

2) Brick-making and rearing of pigs and goats

This project is led by young Vincentian volunteers in the region, and has recruited 25 young people, who have been trained, and have been provided with the materials needed to make bricks. Selling these bricks once every two months has become a source of income. The profits are also shared with the Diocesan Council, for help for the sick and orphans in the area.  

The animal-rearing project was costed at 10,850 euros. This money was used to fund training in the skills needed for animal-rearing, and to buy 60 pigs and 60 goats. The animals were distributed to around 30 families. Each of them paid 1 euro a month to the diocesan council towards the cost of veterinary products.

Today, there are 168 goats and 92 pigs for 55 beneficiary families. The project is continuing to grow.

3) Micro-credit

This project is intended for women who have been victims of rape. These women are often rejected, and the project aims to offer them funds to start a business, profits from which will meet basic needs, medical care and housing. So far, 55 women have benefited from this help, with an initial credit of 90 euros. A sewing and embroidery workshop was also set up to help them.  Thirty of them have paid back the micro-credit at a rate of 2 euros a month, and 44 of them have on-going work.

The profits made have also provided school costs for 15 orphans, over the school years 2012-2013 and 2013-2014.