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emergency help to refugees in camps

  • Council / Country : Central African Republic
  • Holder organisation : Superior Council of Bangui
  • Field of work : General
  • Budget : € 20,000
  • Year commenced : 2015
  • Beneficiaries : displaced persons
emergency help to refugees in camps

Since 2013, the Central African Republic has been in the grip of a civil war between Christians and Muslims. The population is suffering the full force of the effects of this conflict: killings, violence, destruction of property. Further hostilities broke out last September, leading to numerous civilian casualties and causing serious damage to property and infrastructure in this already very hard-hit capital city.

For their own protection, the inhabitants of the districts most at risk of the violence moved en masse to makeshift camps, leaving all their goods behind them to be torched along with their houses. Living conditions in the camps are therefore desperate, and the refugees lack all basic essentials.

The Superior Council of Bangui sent a request for urgent help to CIAD, which agreed funding of 20,000€ (in 2 instalments of 10,000€), to set up a feeding plan for the people in the camps. The first instalment allowed the Bangui Superior Council, with the help of young and junior Vincentians, to distribute basic essentials to the Saint Sauveur and Centre Jean XXIII sites, in mid-December 2015: groundnuts, manioc, palm oil, salt, soap, warm clothing, sheets and kitchen utensils. Because of the shortage of goods, the Superior Council had to make choices according to the products available on the markets.

Payment of the second tranche will allow them to extend the aid plan to camps for other displaced persons in the capital.